Quality policy


At Chrisfish Danmark we have the following quality policy:

  • Chrisfish Danmark has to produce and sell products in a financially responsible way that meet our customers’ and trading partners' requirements and expectations to quality
  • Chrisfish Danmark must comply with national legislation on the markets where Chrisfish Danmark's products are sold, and also meet the national environmental regulatory requirements of these countries.
  • Chrisfish Danmark must be a competent and trustworthy company to all customers, suppliers, governments, employees and the general public.
  • Chrisfish Danmark's employees must, through their work, contribute to a production line where the products produced are of the best quality possible. Chrisfish Danmark must provide appropriate education and training for the employees.
  • Chrisfish Danmark’s HACCP based quality system has to be continuously updated and improved as the result of internal research and the external development within the industry, in which Chrisfish Danmark operates.