To ensure high quality products for our customers, we are certified according to the following international quality standards:


IFS - International Food Standard

IFS is a recognized international food and quality standard, which is drawn up by German and French retail federations to create a uniform assessment approach and transparency in the supply chain. The standard is aimed at ensuring quality and food safety in retail business. Requirements in the standard focus on, for example, quality and resource management, senior management responsibility, HR-policies, production flow, and laboratory analysis.

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MSC - Marine Stewardship Council

MSC is an independent label scheme for environmentally friendly and sustainable fisheries.This is the only label for fish caught in the wild which lives up to the UN international standards for environmental labelling of sustainable fisheries. MSC was originally established in 1997 in collaboration between Unilever and the WWF, but in 1999 the council became an independent organisation. The purpose of MSC is to promote sustainability within fisheries at an international level to avoid overfishing and depletion of endangered fish species.
MSC-labelled seafood products reward fishermen who wish to run their business on a sustainable basis. The labelling also effectively helps the fight against illegal fishing and grants both manufacturers and consumers the possibility to make sustainable choices. As guidance to consumers, the council has developed the blue MSC-label, which is used as a marking sign on the packaging.

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