Product range

We offer fish from the following product groups:


Dover sole, witch, plaice, flounder, lemon sole, turbot, brill, halibut


Cod, haddock, hake, ling, saithe, pollack, weever, monkfish


Loins, fillets, and tails

Of cod, saithe, and pollack

Freshwater fish

Pike-perch, pike, perch, eel, powan, Norwegian wild salmon


Norway Lobsters

Caught just a few hours away by boat from Frederikshavn and landed alive.

Bulk or hand packed in 2,3,5 kg boxes 

Smoked fish

Salmon, halibut, tuna, sturgeon



Frozen products

Dover sole, turbot, monkfish, brill, lemon sole, brown trout, eel, pike-perch, pike, herring, mackerel

We also have our own modern I.Q.F.-freezer, which we use to freeze norway lobsters in packages for the retail business

The above mentioned fish species are the ones we run our core business around, but every request for other fish species, we of course work hard to fulfil