Product range



Brine products

  • Coldwater shrimps

  • MCS coldwater shrimps

  • Handpeeled coldwater shrimps

  • Warmwater shrimps

  • Vannamei shrimps

  • Crayfish tails

  • Seafood Cocktail

  • Surimi chunks

  • Surimi shrimps

  • Surimi sticks 

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Packaging sizes 

We produce our brine products in many various sizes according to our customers' requests; ranging e.g. from units of 125g or 170g for the retail business over 450g and 900g for the food service industry up to 6,5kg or 10kg buckets for manufacturers of salads and sandwiches. These are the sizes we produce most frequently - but we are happy to deliver any inividual customer wish requested.    

Private label

The use of private labels is a fast growing industry, which allmost every supermarket chain world wide has made a part of their sales strategy. At Chrisfish Danmark A/S we produce big quantaties of our brine products as private labels for our many international customers - on both the retail and wholesale markets.