IFS: International Food Standard

Chrisfish Danmark's shrimp factory in Nordhavnsvej in Frederikshavn was in March 2014 IFS-recertified by an independent certification agency. Once again with the score of "higher level". With this food standard we are able to meet and exceed our customers growing focus on subjects such as food safety, and guarantee that our brine products are produced according to IFS’ strict requirements for, among others, quality management, hygiene, laboratory testing, production processes, and infrastructure in the production halls. The shrimp factory har been IFS-certified since March 2010.

MSC: Marine Stewardship Council

Chrisfish Danmark's shrimp factory in Frederikshavn was in March 2014 MSC-recertififed by an independent certification agency. This means that Chrisfish Danmark’s shrimp department has been declared fit to process and sell MSC-certified shrimps. The

MSC label guarantees full traceability from boat to customer, as well as ensuring that shrimps are caught on a sustainable basis with consideration for both the marine environment and fish stocks. The factory has been MSC-certified since July 2009.