Chrisfish Danmark was founded in 1962 by the local fisherman, Christian E. Bertelsen. Christian landed his catches in the English port of Grimsby, where he experienced a great demand for Danish fish. He therefore decided to start up his own fish export company, selling "Chris' Danish fish to England" – hence the name; Chrisfish Danmark.


Since its founding in 1962, Chrisfish Danmark has continuously grown and has established offices at various locations in the northern part of Denmark. Today we have approx. 50 employees and from our local offices we sell our products to a long range of European countries.

Timeline from 1962 to today

Chrisfish Danmark is founded by Christian E. Bertelsen


2nd generation steps in: Christian E. Bertelsen's son Ole Bertelsen takes over the management of Chrisfish Danmark

Chrisfish Danmark opens a new sales office in Hanstholm

The sales office in Hanstholm is transformed into a subsidiary by the name Chrisfish Hanstholm ApS (50% owned by 6 partners and 50% owned by Chrisfish Danmark A/S)

Creation of a new purchase and production branch in Hirtshals

3rd generation steps in: Ole Bertelsen's eldest son, Niels-Erik Bertelsen takes over the management of Chrisfish Danmark

Relocation of Chrisfish Danmark's shrimp production from Fiskerihavnsgade in Frederikshavn to a newly built factory at Nordhavnsvej in Frederikshavn