Corporate structure 

Chrisfish Danmark A/S’ activities are divided into the following departments: 

Department for fresh fish in Frederikshavn

  • Fresh and frozen fish/lobster purchase and sales
  • Fresh fish and lobster processing/packaging
  • Freezing of lobster

Shrimp factory in Frederikshavn

  • Raw material purchase
  • Brine product production
  • Brine product sales

Quality department

  • Laboratory tests of raw materials and manufactured products
  • Product development
  • Located at the shrimp factory in Frederikshavn

Department for fresh fish in Hirtshals

  • Auction hall purchase
  • Fresh and frozen fish processing/packaging

Department for fresh fish in Hanstholm

(subsidiary Chrisfish Hanstholm ApS)

  • Fresh and frozen fish purchase and sales

Administration and bookkeeping

  • Located at the sales office in Fiskerihavnsgade in Frederikshavn