Environmental responsibility

At Chrisfish Danmark we are aware that as a company, we have a responsibility towards the environment. In the daily routines at our offices and production facilities, we therefore focus on electricity- and water-saving, waste sorting and recycling, as well as reducing our energy consumption and waste water in production. At the shrimp factory, we aim also to continuously develop production processes that cause minimum environmental impact.


At Chrisfish Danmark, we strive to create a pleasant and safe working environment for our employees. We focus on communication and listen to our employees whenever they have something to share. We know that our employees and their knowledge and commitment is one of the most important resources for our company, so we recognise that our employees’ dedicated effort is a prerequisite for continuous growth and earnings for Chrisfish Danmark.

Social involvement in the local area

Chrisfish Danmark is a true fellow-townsman and therefore takes great pleasure in supporting various organisations and activities in the local area. We find it very important that community citizens - young and old - are able engage in healthy and educational leisure interests.

We therefore support the following activities:

  • Local sports on an elite and amateur basis
  • Work with children and young people
  • Culture and local attractions